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Create a great quality of life for you and your clients with the most flexible financial services CRM.

What we do

Swivel creates a great quality of life for financial professionals and their clients by personalizing the client experience at scale. As the world’s most flexible financial services CRM, Swivel automates tasks and custom workflows so FMOs, IMOs, agents and advisors can work smarter, not harder. From insurance and annuities to medicare and wealth management, Swivel does it all. Now financial professionals can manage, track, nurture, and see all their clients’ assets, policies, and statements in one place. Our concierge service sets up the system to personalize each step in the customer journey. Also, clients see all their balances with one login. With Swivel, account information is always accurate, aggregated and updated, making reviews and audits automatic.
our origin story

Adaptation As Inspiration

Growing up, Matt Walker, Swivel's co-founder and CEO, loved watching chameleons adapt to different environments. Chameleons are famous for changing their skin color from black, blue, brown, green, and light blue to orange, pink, red, turquoise, and yellow. Incredibly efficient creatures, they can see up to 32 feet in front of them, and their infamous tongues can go from 0 to 60+ miles per hour in just one-hundredth of a second to snag unsuspecting insects.
Matt wanted a system that worked the way he did - seamlessly across products and clients.
As an entrepreneurial financial professional, Matt leveraged the idea of adaptation to build a diversified business that brought different parts of the financial services industry under one roof. Having multiple revenue streams was good for business and good for clients who wanted to work with one partner to adapt their portfolios to changing circumstances. From selling insurance to providing wealth management services, Matt did it all. The challenge was financial CRMs didn't. They either focused on wealth management or insurance (not both), and general-purpose CRMs didn't work the way Matt did.

In addition to streamlining client communications, Matt wanted analytics and data to make better decisions, but he found it difficult to compile a complete picture without seeing all his clients' policies and account balances in one place. CRMs fell short, and Excel spreadsheets did too. Matt and his team had very inefficient processes because they were trying to adapt their workflows to fit preset software rules and workflows instead of the other way around. Matt wanted a system that worked the way he did – seamlessly across products and clients.

Looking into what it would take to create a flexible CRM system for multi-faceted financial firms, Matt quickly found that developing software isn't cheap. It would take millions of dollars to make a customizable financial services CRM. Realizing the average advisor can't afford to spend that kind of money creating software that works the way they want, Matt decided to build it for them (and himself).
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